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SuperGIRLS ~ a tokyo mew mew rpg

    With the aliens defeated and their Mew Mew genes depleted the members of Tokyo Mew Mew have reverted back to being just normal girls. Thus they are urged by Ryou and Keiichrio to move on with their lives and they do. Whiles the girls maintain their bond as friends they don’t all seem to grow closer. Zakuro’s concentrates on her acting and modeling career as well as keeping up her grades, while Ichigo, Resatsu and Minto ended up going to the same High School together. The Earth seemed to be settling into a period of peace and order which after everything with the aliens was welcomed news. However things weren’t going to stay this way for long.

    It was merely the calm before the storm.

    In late 2005 Ryou and Keiichrio started to pick up an increase in supernatural energy around the earth. Not knowing what it meant they began to research the possible meanings. While their results were mostly inconclusive, they did learn a few things. Whatever was affecting their physical realm, wasn’t just limiting its Chaotic powers the their realm with was bouncing threw every plane it could find, almost as if it was looking for something or someone. Ryou wanted to reinstate the Mew Mew Genes but Keiichrio wasn’t sure they’d be any help. Whomever was controlling the Chaos wasn’t an alien and perhaps the Mew Mew genes this time weren’t the answers.

    Perhaps it was time to start looking towards Mother Nature and the remaining planes that were still untouched and untainted by the chaos.
We're a message board style threading based role playing game looking for dedicated people too keep us alive and going. we've just opened our doors after a lengthy hitatus and would love to see the place booming with inactivity. While we like people to have real people to respresnt the characters you don't need to use the pb all the time. Its more or less just to see how creative people can be. At the moment we're in dire need of a  Ayaoma, Keiirichio, Resatsu, Berry as well as our original canon mew mews known only as the Dark Mew Mews.

If you'd like more information feel free to contact either Krysta (smolderingtopaz - aim) 0r Masey (theswayedvamp - aim). We hope to see lots of new faces.
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